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The quantity surveyor covers a huge number of roles from working for both Clients and contractors. For Clients he will advise the very initial costs for schematic drawings and develop this through the design development process. We will administer the procurement of the contractor, value the works as the site progresses and agree the Final Account. For Contractors he will calculate the materials required for the project, procure the sub contractors, agree the monthly valuations with the client and ultimately the final Account.

Ideally a quantity surveyor should be consulted at an early stage. Even with a simple outline drawing a costing can be carried out. The assumptions used can then drive the design process. There is no point having a wonderfully designed building using expensive materials if it’s too expensive to actually build. We can help by being part of this process and giving the parameters for the designers. Whether you choose a quantity surveyor or not, the point is to nail down the costs early on.

A quantity surveyor can be involved in all projects from a small extension to multi million pound projects.

Although they’re not routinely used for domestic projects, a quantity surveyor can save money and can also reduce the risk.

Without a quantity surveyor, the design goes to planning and tender without an extra layer of cost checking, and more chance of going over budget. In contrast – with a, quantity surveyor, client aspiration is matched to budget early on.

A quantity surveyor can safeguard any funders commercial interest in a project. If the builder doesn’t do the right thing, then there’s a fallback. Any quantity surveyor adds a vital reality check. If you’re after architecture with a high specification, a quantity surveyor will stop you being blinded. Can that high quality kitchen for £15,000 be found for £8,000? The quantity surveyor challenges both architect and the builder, making sure you’re never paying for more than what is done.

Most clients need a lot of handholding and a personal service. When appointing the architect, you should also consider appointing the quantity surveyor. After all, there’s no point going for planning if you find you can’t afford it – and clients often have unrealistic impressions of costs. We can cost labour as well as materials, and quantify the time it’ll take to do the work. This is difficult for a non-builder to comprehend. There’s another use for a quantity surveyor: client – builder conflict resolution. Often we work on claims when building goes wrong. A quantity surveyor can advise as to whether the client is getting ripped off.

So, a quantity surveyor can help get over the hurdles, hopefully saving money en route.

Still, not all agree that a quantity surveyor is essential, as some Architects will suggest quantity surveyor’s are for larger jobs. We do a lot of one-off houses and extensions/ alterations which are difficult for a quantity surveyor to cost.

Whether you choose a quantity surveyor or not, the point is to nail down the costs early on.

Contrary to common thought, quantity surveyors don’t “just count bricks”! quantity surveyors have vast construction knowledge and a high standard of technical understanding. Primarily acting as a ‘construction accountant’ and ‘technically design adviser’ from cost planning/ estimates to final account stages, a quantity surveyor can accurately advise on all aspects of expenditure. By using a quantity surveyor you will also be employing an experienced construction professional, who can advise on most aspects of construction including procurement, methods of construction, contractual issues etc. A quantity surveyor is an imperative member of the design/construction team.

A quantity surveyor will manage all your costs keeping them to a minimum. The role of a quantity surveyor has changed dramatically over the past 20 years as, not only will the quantity surveyor handle your costs but can also create strategies, plans of works, programs, design and much more.

A quantity surveyor can also assist with contractual matters, as building contracts can be complex, especially if the contracts with amendments to the standard form. As your quantity surveyor, we can guide you through your legal and contractual responsibilities to ensure both parties are acting fairly and reasonably.

As quantity surveyor’s we can provide a number of different services to a construction project. These are thing such as Cost Planning, Forecasting, Producing Bills of Quantities, Bills of Materials, Cost Monitoring, Variation proposals, Re-measurement on site, Pre Construction Estimates and Financial Management of Contracts.

Cost monitoring is monitoring all the costs related to the project, this is necessary to allow a project to move forward and to reassure the client organisation that their money is being spent responsibly for the successful completion of the project?

If you are selling or purchasing a property and require a Homebuyer Survey or Market Sales valuation, you will need a “Building Surveyor” or Estate Agent for this.

As quantity surveyors, we only do valuations in relation to construction/building.

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